Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of use
Last updated: November 2023

These terms and conditions outline how you can use the Datadean Limited website at https://www.aitradingassistant.uk (referred to as the "Website") and any related sub-domains, unless they have their own specific terms. This is a legal agreement between you, the user, and Datadean Ltd, the company that owns and operates the Website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as they affect your legal rights. When you use our Website, you're confirming that you're on board with these terms and conditions. If you don't agree with them, simply stop using the Website right away. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as they affect your legal rights. In these terms, "User" means anyone outside of Datadean Limited who accesses the Website, except for those working for Datadean Limited or providing services to the company. To use this Website, you need to be at least 18 years old. By using the Website and agreeing to these terms, you're telling us that you meet this age requirement. Keep in mind that we might tweak or add to these terms at any time. When we do, the changes take effect immediately upon being posted on the Website. By continuing to use the Website, you're showing ongoing acceptance of these terms, so it's a good idea to check this page regularly for updates.

Intellectual Property and acceptable use
Everything you see on the Website belongs to Datadean Limited, our affiliates, or other relevant third parties. When we say "Content" in these terms, we mean all sorts of things like text, images, videos, software, and more – basically, everything available on or through the Website. By using the Website, you're recognizing that this Content is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. Just a heads up: you can't use any trademark, logo, or service mark from the Website without getting written permission first. You're allowed to check out, display, and view the Content on the Website for your personal, non-commercial use. But here's the deal – you can't go and reproduce, modify, copy, distribute, or use the Content for commercial purposes without getting written permission from Datadean Limited. Using our Website doesn't give you any ownership of the Content. It's still ours or belongs to whoever originally owned it. The Content on our Website is there for general information only. We can't guarantee it's accurate, complete, or suitable for any specific purpose. It's not meant to be the basis for any important decisions, including any trades you might make. If you rely on it, that's at your own risk.

Prohibited Use
There are are a few things you can't do on the Website:

a. Don't try to reverse engineer, mess with the source code, or make any changes to the Website, unless the law says you can.
b. Avoid doing anything that could harm the Website or disrupt someone else's experience.
c. Be mindful not to use the Website for anything harmful, illegal, or against the rules. Keep it respectful and within the bounds of the law.
d. Please don't make, send, or store electronic copies of copyrighted content without the owner's permission.

Links to other websites
You might find links to other websites on our site. Just so you know, unless we say otherwise, these sites aren't under the control of Datadean Limited or our affiliates. We don't take charge of or responsibility for what's on these sites, and we're not liable for any losses or damages that might happen when you use these third-party sites or links. If we link to another site on this Website, it doesn't mean we're endorsing the sites or the people who run them. We're just providing the link for your information.

Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy
If you want more details about how we handle your personal data, check out our Privacy Policy at https://www.aitradingassistant.uk. It's an essential part of these terms and conditions and applies to you.

Availability of the Website and disclaimers
The online services, tools, and information provided by Datadean Limited through the Website (referred to as the "Service") come as is and on an availability basis. We can't guarantee that the Service will be flawless, and we don't make any specific warranties, whether expressed or implied, regarding fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, compatibility, or overall quality. Datadean Limited isn't obligated to keep the Website information up to date. You should be aware that the Website's content might have inaccuracies or errors. By using our Website and its content, you're taking on the risk of any losses that may occur. While Datadean Limited does its best to ensure the Website is secure and free from errors, viruses, and malware, we don't provide a specific warranty or guarantee in that regard. Users are responsible for their own security, including personal details and computers. You agree not to mess with the proper operation of our Website in any way, like using harmful code or unauthorized devices. Also, you won't use automated tools to monitor or copy our Website without our written consent. Datadean Limited isn't liable for any disruptions or unavailability of the Website. Datadean Limited has the right to change, suspend, or stop any part of the Website, including products and services. These terms and conditions still apply to any modified version of the Website unless we say otherwise. You acknowledge that your use of the Website or Services is at your own risk. To the fullest extent allowed by the law, the risk regarding quality, performance, accuracy, and effort is entirely yours.

Limitation of Liability
These terms and conditions won't: (a) limit or exclude our or your liability for death or personal injury resulting from our or your negligence; (b) limit or exclude our or your liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) limit or exclude any of our or your liabilities in a way that's not allowed under applicable law. If the Website and content are provided to you for free, we won't be liable for any kind of loss or damage. We won't be held responsible for losses due to events beyond our reasonable control. As much as the law allows, whether in contract, negligence, breach of statutory duty, or otherwise—even if we could have seen it coming—Datadean Ltd won't be liable for:
a. Any business losses, like loss of profits, income, revenue, anticipated savings, business, contracts, goodwill, reputation, or commercial opportunities;
b. Loss or corruption of any data, database, or software; or
c. Any special, indirect, or consequential loss or damage.

You can't pass on your rights under these terms and conditions to someone else. However, we might transfer our rights if we believe it won't affect your rights. If any part of these terms is found to be illegal or invalid, the rest of the terms and conditions will still apply. Any rights not explicitly granted here are kept by Datadean Limited. These terms and conditions cover everything about our agreement and replace any previous discussions or agreements. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 doesn't apply to these terms, and no third party can enforce or rely on any part of these terms. If a court finds that any part of these terms is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that part will be deleted, but the rest of the terms will stay valid and enforceable. Unless we agree otherwise, if one party doesn't immediately use a right or remedy, it doesn't mean they've given up that right or remedy. These terms and conditions, what they cover, how they're formed, and any claims related to them are governed by and interpreted according to the law of the United Kingdom. The courts of the UK will have exclusive jurisdiction over these terms and conditions, as well as your access to and use of our Website and Services, including any claims or disputes.

Datadean Limited details
Datadean Limited is a UK-based company, with its registered address at 60 Tinney Drive, Truro, Cornwall, UK. The Website https://www.aitradingassistant.uk is run by Datadean Limited, doing business as AI.Trading. Feel free to reach out to Datadean Limited via email at info@aitradingassistant.uk.

Trading products on margin involves the risk of potential losses that could amount to your entire investment. These products might not be suitable for all investors. It's crucial to make sure you fully comprehend the associated risks before proceeding. (c) 2023 Datadean Limited

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