Risk Warning

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Risk Warning

Risk Warning
Last updated: November 2023

The information on this website is meant solely for informational purposes about the AI Trading Assistant software system. It is not intended as an offer, recommendation, or solicitation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security.

General Warning
Datadean Limited provides services that involve Metatrader 5 platform products traded on margin. Trading financial products on margin is intricate, challenging to comprehend, and carries a high risk of rapid money loss due to leverage. These products may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest in such products, it is crucial to obtain, read, and understand any applicable offer documents to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the associated risks. Consider seeking professional advice from a regulated financial advisor to assess whether trading or investing in these financial products aligns with your circumstances and if you can afford the risk of potential fund loss. Datadean values your privacy and ensures the protection of your details. Refer to the Datadean Privacy Policy for more information.

Risks in margined products
The following risk warning notice pertains to margined products and highlights many associated risks, though it may not cover all possible risks. Given the high risk associated with margined products, it's crucial to comprehend their nature and understand the extent of your exposure to risk. Ensure the product aligns with your circumstances and financial position, and only speculate with funds you can afford to lose. While margined products can be used to manage investment risk, they may not be suitable for all investors. When considering trading in margined products, take note of the following: Settlement in cash is common for most margined products, exposing you to risks similar to those in futures or options trading. Transactions may entail a contingent liability, and understanding its implications is essential. Margined products involve multiple payments against the purchase price instead of an immediate full payment. Rapid losses of the deposited margin may occur, and additional margin may be required at short notice to maintain a position, especially if the market moves against you. Failure to meet this requirement may result in liquidation at a loss, and increased margin rates or trading requirements could be imposed without notice. Trades in margined products are off-exchange (OTC) transactions, making them non-transferable. You will directly engage with a broker, and only that broker can close your trades. Transferring or selling open positions to other brokers or margined product providers is not possible. Guaranteed stop loss orders are typically not offered by brokers. Gapping or slippage may lead to fills worse than your stop level, particularly during unusually volatile market conditions. In such cases, you receive the next available price, potentially resulting in a fill different from your stop loss level. All profits and losses from margined products are legally enforceable by both parties.

Past performance
Considering past performance as a guarantee of future results is not advisable, as the future performance of underlying markets or investments is inherently uncertain.

Charges related to trading
Before engaging in trading activities, it is advisable to gather information on all applicable commissions and charges. If any charges are not explicitly stated in monetary terms (such as a percentage of the contract value), it is recommended to seek a clear, written explanation with relevant examples. This will help establish the specific monetary implications of such charges. For instance, in the case of certain margined products, when commission is expressed as a percentage, it typically applies to the total contract value, rather than just your initial payment.

Trading systems
Trading systems allow you to execute trades and interact with the broker through electronic channels. While electronic communication is generally reliable, there is no assurance of constant reliability. In the rare instance of a platform failure, it is recommended to promptly create a helpdesk ticket for urgent assistance from our Client Services Team. Please be aware that the team may be occupied during such periods.

Datadean does not offer tax advice to clients, and you are responsible for managing your own tax affairs.

Datadean Limited details
Datadean Limited is a UK-based company, with its registered address at 60 Tinney Drive, Truro, Cornwall, UK. The Website https://www.aitradingassistant.uk is run by Datadean Limited, doing business as AI.Trading. Feel free to reach out to Datadean Limited via email at info@aitradingassistant.uk.

Trading products on margin involves the risk of potential losses that could amount to your entire investment. These products might not be suitable for all investors. It's crucial to make sure you fully comprehend the associated risks before proceeding. (c) 2023 Datadean Limited

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