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We do have PayPal verified vendor status, because we have passed PayPal's security checks to offer buyers and sellers increased security.

The AI Trading Assistant is a Microsoft Windows desktop application which is run separately to the Metatrader 5 application. It is not a Metatrader custom Indicator that you can attach to a chart.

Yes, we do accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, Just email-us at 'info @ aitradingassitant.uk' for more information.

Sure, If you haven't downloaded the AI Trading Assistant software yet, then please do and then create a Support ticket from the Support page, where we can quickly get you up and running.

Yes you can install and run the AI Trading Assistant and Metatrader 5 software on an Apple Mac using Boot Camp Apple software which is available from this Apple URL, so you are then able to install Microsoft Windows 10, to switch between macOS and Windows when your restart your Mac.

The AI Trading Assistant software is a Microsoft Windows application that requires at least a Windows XP to the latest Windows operating system, that has at least 1 Gb. of RAM, 30 Mb. of free disk space (all pretty which is standard specifications for an older Windows XP PC) and Internet access to receive the Metatrader 5 data updates and the free application upgrades.

You can 100%, but there's no need to give us your bank or credit card details, as we use PayPal for all our sales transactions, we never see any part of your you credit card information when you buy any of our products and services. The question you should have asked yourself is "Do I trust PayPal with my credit card information"? The answer will be yes every-time.

The unique machineID serial number for your computer, can be found on the top left title bar of the AI Trading Assistant, it is a 7-digit number starting with 64, e.g. 6412345.

machineID serial numbers are uniquely based on various PC hardware components, therefore the answer is no, and expire with the PC. You are welcome to take out another low-cost subscription for another PC though.

Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple subscription purchases, but not for single ones. Just email-us at 'info @ aitradingassitant.uk' for more information.

There are a few ways to check that the AI Trading Assistant software is working, but the best way is to watch the AI Analysis slider.

No. absolutely not, we only use newsletter email addresses to provide promotional offers and help and guidance, when using the AI Trading Assistant.
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